Why people with positive attitude have more success than the rest

Have you ever noticed that some people get ahead much faster than others? Or have you observe that some people recover from failures a lot faster than most? Well, this is not an accident given that these people who almost may see bullet proof to failures or setbacks have adopted something that helps them excel every time and that is their positive attitude towards whatever it is they may be encountering.

I am sure you know good things happen to good people but also bad things happen to good people, the difference is their attitude as to how they chose to deal with what happens to them. Here I highlight why you need a positive attitude and why you must adopt on these habits if want to continue growing personally and professionally.

1.-People with positive attitude chose to be responsible vs. victims. As mentioned earlier bad things happen to everybody but the true difference is how you choose to deal with what happens to you that will determine the outcome. Frequently we focus on things we have no control over but regardless or what it is you have a choice and that is focusing on what you have control over and deciding that what happened to you it was because of you. Shifting your mindset to focusing on what you have control and taking responsibility allows you to gain control and it will make you feel better. For instance, if you are late to work because of traffic, a victim person would blame the traffic, the accident, the red lights or the fact that there was unusual number of cars on the road. In contrast, a responsible person takes responsibility acknowledges that he/she could have waken up earlier or left the house earlier and they would have made it to work on time. See the shift, this small stand can truly be something that prevents you from excelling on your greatness. Next time you feel helpless, powerless or with no controls recalibrate your focus to what you have controls over and take responsibility, see how it will make a significant difference.

2.-Having a positive attitude requires daily work. Those people who always find something good even in bad moments have trained their brain to look at things in a certain way. What you feed your mind daily has a lot to do as to how you unconsciously react to things that come your way. Just like living a have a healthy life you must eat healthy and exercise it is also true that you must exercise your mind and feed good things to it. Be mindful of what you listen to, what you read, what you pay attention to and most importantly what kind of friendships you have, all these factors contribute to your mindset and if you don’t think positive that is something you may want to adjust.

3,-Positive attitude is a lifestyle. Thinking positively is not an accident or an overnight phenomenon. This is something that your past has created as a result of your friendships, your experiences and influences throughout your life. Today you are who you are and think how you think because of what you have lived but if you want to change the future for the better you must start changing your habits so positive thinking can eventually come as a second nature.

In conclusion getting ahead is no accident; it is your positive attitude towards the circumstances that make a world of difference. Unless you take responsibility today and decide that you have control over many things and start taking action your life will not change. Make small changes for the better, start reading, start exercising, surround yourself with positive people and see how your life will gradually change for the better.

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